Grip Grub Catering

Need catering for your hardworking crew?

With creative, inventive and affordable meals, Grip Grub provides exceptional service tailored to your budget and needs.

Introducing our new Head Chef

With many years of professional restaurant experience, Jared Otter is excited to bring you a new method of eating, coming together and enjoying food no matter the occasion or setting.

No borders

With crew members travelling frequently and often, Grip Grub is happy to provide it's services across Eastern Canada, particularly Ontario, Quebec and Nova-Scotia.

With grip grub you get

Mobile Kitchen Setup

Moving service is also available upon request.

Breakfast, Substantials and Craft Service

We can also take care of you breakfast, craft table and substantials needs if requested.

Special Attention to Dietary Restrictions.

All dietary requests and restrictions will be planned for and handled personally by our head chef to ensure your peace of mind.

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